Announcing VetaTek a New “Technology” Company

I’ve been on a journey the last 25 years working with business technologies and people from all walks of life. I’ve seen the evolution of truly revolutionary technologies, been a part of numerous projects, witnessed some succeed and many others fail. I have always been a geek at heart. I love technology. I love the limitless possibilities. More than anything, I love seeing those possibilities applied correctly to a business, especially the small ones.

Sadly, in my experience the companies and consultants who apply these technologies are typically less than excellent. In all honesty, that is a generous description of an industry that I’ve come to believe is wrought with over-priced technology and poor implementations; chock full of projects that are late, over budget, or more than likely both.

Unfortunately, the consequences of these failures are customers who seem to have grown numb, accustomed to an industry that serves itself, rather than them. I’ve grown frustrated. Not just with my experience but myself, for being a part of this flawed paradigm.

Enough is enough. I have always dreamed of starting and leading my own technology company. What better way to help transform an industry ripe with possibilities. That dream has now become a reality as I announce VetaTek, LLC. “Veta” means “to know” in Swedish, an ode to my heritage. I’m committed to helping small business know what excellent is and vow to work my hardest to change an industry that is failing them.

The funny thing about starting this new “technology” company is that experience has taught me that people and process are far more important than the technology. Although¬† VetaTek will be a technology based consulting company, the idea of putting people and process first will be how it is defined.¬†I don’t proclaim that this idea is new or revolutionary; just that VetaTek will be a company committed to doing things right, and working hard to put the satisfaction of our customers and employees first.

As we work to expand VetaTek in the coming year, I will continue to post musings and details of how we plan to be better than most, and hopefully disrupt the business technology industry in some meaningful way.

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