You come from a technical background and have a wealth of experience across multiple technologies and platforms.

You have come to specialize in technologies related to the Microsoft Business ecosystem.

You consider yourself a strong programmer, with the ability to problem solve and architect solutions at a practical business level.

You can communicate well, in both written and verbal form.

You are confident in your consulting abilities. You can lead a client engagement and small team of technical resources through the lifecycle of a project.

After it is all said and done, you have empathy for your clients, a strong desire to help them, the drive to continually learn, and the care to make a difference.

You are a unicorn among developers. You can interface with a client to deeply understand business problems; architect a plan; write a full stack code solution leveraging multiple Microsoft technologies, all while delivering true business value.

You have multiple years of experience with the following:

  • Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, especially model driven Power Apps and Power Automate
  • One or more languages including SQL, C# and JavaScript
  • SQL server, including database design, writing queries, views, stored procedures, functions, etc
  • REST APIs and full stack development patterns

You have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. Microsoft certifications a plus.

You should pride yourself on your ability to utilize all skillsets necessary to provide business value to the end client. You excel at: collaborating in a discovery meeting with an executive board; brainstorming with functional consultants to come up with an architecture; understanding how and when to leverage different technologies; developing complex code solutions; maintaining outstanding communication levels to the client and internally.

We’re looking to add a team member centered around technical development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. More specifically, we need someone with familiarity in these development technologies and the skills required to deliver solutions. Our team leverages superior problem-solving skills, delivered with fantastic communication to ensure we deliver real value to our customers. Above all, we strive to provide the best value possible.

  • Architecting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • Implementations via full stack code solutions
  • Supporting functional consultants and our support team from a development standpoint
  • Leading staff level technical resources on projects
  • Meeting high expectations for communication and customer service
  • Staying current with new Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions

At VetaTek, we understand why a traditional nine-to-five office desk job seems unappealing – we also understand the challenges of a lifestyle without one.

By opening doors to a variety of clients with unique projects, we can offer the flexibility and dynamism of a contractor without the shortcomings. In our experience, uninspired and rigid individuals result in poor client relationships and failed projects. Creating an environment that promotes happy team members is a top priority!

Here’s how it works:

  • We partner with quality clients who have interesting and targeted business systems
  • Schedules are flexible
  • We work with cutting-edge technologies, applications, tools and processes
  • Everyone on our team shares this culture, in fact, it’s the driving force behind why we do what we do

As a dynamic startup, we know the best additions to our team are all around intelligent, competent, and eager individuals.

  • We know that cutting-edge tech and top-notch processes aren’t enough to ensure that we deliver on our promise to clients of successful projects and relationships.
  • Our tight-knit team of professionals is what makes it possible as a smaller focused group.
  • We are a team made up of standouts who left the old world of bland office space jobs. We’re travelers, family people, or ambitious entrepreneurs. Some are just beginning their growth, while others have already been there and back.
  • Here’s what they have in common: we are all committed to learning from those around us, improving the team, and ultimately delivering real business value.

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