You pride yourself on your ability to communicate in all forms. You have an enthusiastic spirit, excel at phone and written communication, and can maintain a consistently high-level of engagement. 

You have a desire to pursue a career in the technology field and are open to learning new business systems and software applications. 

You are skilled at resolving problems.   

You understand and believe customer service is a top priority that should show in how you communicate as well as the work you take on. 

You are searching for a dynamic, interesting, flexible position where you can grow and work with like-minded individuals. 

After it’s all said and done, you have empathy for your clients, a strong desire to help them, the drive to continually learn, and the care to make a difference. 

Communication comes naturally! Since you will be spending most of your time interfacing with customers, you should feel comfortable and confident both on the phone and with written communication over multiple mediums.   

As a support consultant your attitude is contagious. It’s critical that you ensure customers leave any interaction feeling positive and encouraged. Further, that same level of excitement is important to carry during internal interactions with the team. You understand the weight and meaning of how you communicate is as important as what you communicate.  You should be a leader and champion of a positive, can-do attitude. Finally, you should always have the patience and stamina to maintain that level of energy. 

Throughout all engagements with customers you will also need to deliver results in the form of technical problem solving. You should have a strong desire to pursue a career in technology and become adept at navigating the business applications we support. Solving a customer’s problem in a timely manner through excellent communication is the primary goal. 

A necessary skill for this role is reliability and accountability. We strive to provide real value to all our customers; following up on communication and delivering solutions is critical to that end. That skill, to maintain end to end follow through and consistent communication, is the by-product of each interaction and step along the way to resolution. You also must have the capability to hold your team members accountable when assisting our support efforts. 

We’re looking to add a team member centered around our support of Microsoft Cloud Services in the Microsoft 365 / Azure and Dynamics spaces. More specifically, we need someone who is excited about learning cloud technologies and delivering first in class customer service. Our team leverages superior problem-solving skills, delivered with fantastic communication to ensure we deliver real value to our customers. Above all, we strive to provide the best customer service possible.   

Some of your responsibilities would include: 

  • Supporting clients who have implemented Microsoft 365 / Azure and Dynamics services.   
  • Triaging support cases and answer / resolve customer questions and issues.  
  • Collecting required information to escalate to other experienced team members as needed.   
  • Create and maintain a rich knowledge base items along with training content for our systems.
  • Assist and preform training for users based on documentation as part of support, AdHoc requests, or implementation projects 
  • Meeting high expectations for communication and customer service
  • Troubleshooting technical problems within those business applications and services 

At VetaTek, we understand why a traditional nine-to-five office desk job seems unappealing – we also understand the challenges of a lifestyle without one. 

By opening doors to a variety of clients with unique projects, we can offer the flexibility and dynamism of a contractor without the shortcomings. In our experience, uninspired and rigid individuals result in poor client relationships and failed projects. Creating an environment that promotes happy team members is a top priority! 

Here’s how it works: 

  • We partner with quality clients who have interesting and targeted business systems 
  • Schedules are flexible 
  • We work with cutting-edge technologies, applications, tools and processes 
  • Everyone on our team shares this culture, in fact, it’s the driving force behind why we do what we do 

If you are interested in this position with VetaTek, fill out the form below to get in touch.