The dollars and sense of business applications in the cloud

Your goal is to wow your customer—innovating is why you’re in business. But the more manual steps between idea and customer—from balancing the budget to managing the supply chain—the harder it can be to stay relevant and keep costs in check. Are time-consuming processes and disconnected systems holding you back?

Look to cloud technology to support your growth and innovation every step of the way. Microsoft cloud-based business solutions can relieve the burden of technology management and help you automate manual processes, build in efficiencies, and gain insights from your data—so you can focus on getting from idea to sale faster and more cost effectively.

Transform how your business operates. A business solution from Microsoft frees you to work anywhere, anytime, across your devices. No matter how you access and use your systems, you get the same seamless experience and enterprise-grade security to protect your business and customers. Designed to get you up and running quickly, it’s a platform that fits your needs today and can efficiently adapt as your needs change.

Trade tech headaches for business efficiencies. Finding a common language between various business work streams can drastically increase operational efficiency, saving time and money. Pall-Ex in the UK is a prime example of solving this communication barrier and seeing time savings and cost reductions by standardizing in the cloud. By networking their 90-member organization, they can now roll out new processes and systems to everyone at the same time and give everyone access to the same operational data in real time. As a result, they’re serving customers faster and more reliably, and cementing a trusted reputation for the business.

The right path for success. Another example of a company using a cloud-based business solution to accelerate transformation is Onduline. What started as a small family business grew organically into a global sales and manufacturing organization with little IT standardization. Moving to the cloud connected everyone across the company with the information they needed to respond faster to customers and market changes. Now rather than making expensive bets on disparate business systems, they’ve got a flexible, data-driven solution that keeps them ready for what’s next.

Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud free your team to focus on what they do best—delighting customers.

Instantly download Microsoft’s free e-book to learn more about how the cloud can act as a transformative amplifier for your business and put you on the right path for the future.

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