Dynamics Great Plains Consultant

Dynamics GP Consultant

You are searching for a dynamic, interesting, flexible position where you can grow and work with like-minded individuals.

You enjoy the world of technology and are open to learning new business systems and software applications.

You understand Dynamics GP and as a plus Dynamics 365 Business Central

You pride yourself on your ability to communicate in all forms.

You are skilled at resolving problems, delivered through top notch customer service.

After it’s all said and done, you have empathy for your clients, a strong desire to help them, and the care to make a difference.

Credits, debits and general ledgers… no problem! Accounting principles come easily to you because you’ve worked directly in an accounting role, gained experience through consulting, or have studied in this area.

You have worked with, as an end-user, or implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP. You have a thorough understanding of the Core Financials modules (GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets) and Distribution modules (POP, SOP, and Inventory). An added bonus is familiarity with the Manufacturing module. Another plus (but not a requirement) is you have experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central.

At past positions you have functioned as an integral part of a business team that leveraged one of these solutions to run their operations, or worked in a related support or consultant capacity

We’re looking to add a team member centered around Microsoft Dynamics business systems. More specifically, we need someone with familiarity in Microsoft Dynamics GP who is also excited about learning cloud technologies and delivering first in class customer service. Our team uses all the same technologies you are versed in but leverages superior problem-solving skills in an ever-changing environment to ensure our projects and implementations are successful. Above all, we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Some of your responsibilities would include:

  • Supporting clients who have implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Configuring Dynamics GP to meet client requirements
  • Creating and maintaining a rich knowledge base along with training content for our products along with training users of Dynamics GP
  • Meeting high expectations for communication and customer service
  • Troubleshooting complex problems with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Learning how to implement D365 Business Central

At VetaTek, we understand why a traditional nine-to-five office desk job seems unappealing – we also understand the challenges of a lifestyle without one.

By opening doors to a variety of clients with unique projects, we can offer the flexibility and dynamism of a contractor without the shortcomings. In our experience, uninspired and rigid individuals result in poor client relationships and failed projects. Creating happy team members is a top priority!

Here’s how it works:

  • We partner with quality clients who have interesting and targeted business systems
  • Schedules are flexible
  • We work with cutting-edge technologies, applications, tools and processes
  • Everyone on our team shares this culture, in fact, it’s the driving force behind why we do what we do

About VetaTek

As a dynamic startup, we know the best additions to our team are all around intelligent, competent, and eager individuals.

We know that cutting-edge tech and top notch processes aren’t enough to ensure that we deliver on our promise to clients of successful projects and relationships.

Our tight-knit team of professionals is what makes it possible.

They are former standouts in their latest endeavors. They left the old world of bland office space jobs. They’re travelers, family people, or ambitious entrepreneurs. Some are just beginning their growth, while others have already been there and back. Here’s what they have in common:

They are all committed to learning from those around them, improving the team, and ultimately delivering real business value.


If you are interested in a position with VetaTek, fill out the form below to get in touch.


Imperial College London uses Teams to teach and connect in a time of COVID

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Business Central Extension to Assist Companies Looking to Migrate from Dynamics GP

VetaTek has just released a Business Central extension on AppSource to assist companies moving from Dynamics GP. Many Dynamics GP implementations leverage a feature called Site Segment Substitution allowing you to associate segment values to specific Inventory sites so that transactions are automatically and properly reflected in the General Ledger. Business Central unfortunately does not include similar functionality. Our recently released Location Dimension Assignment extension provides for this function.

Check it out on App Source using this link Location Dimension Assignment

Customer story: Garner Foods

Although Garner Foods is based in South Carolina, they sell hot sauce and Green Mountain Gringo brand products all over the world. With digital tools, their projects are easily managed remotely, and team members can work from anywhere. Garner Foods chose to partner with Microsoft 365 Business to easily onboard new employees and to secure company data stored on countless devices. With employees and sales representatives traveling all over the United States, being able to securely work and collaborate from any device has played a huge role in the company’s ongoing success.


Kroger: Next-gen mobile shopping

Regardless of how skilled you are at creating shopping lists or how well you know your local supermarket’s floor layout, you’ll most likely be revisiting the same aisles in search of items you missed. In other words, shopping for groceries is far from becoming the most time-efficient activity on people’s to-do lists—or at least that’s how it was until digital transformation came along. Now, thanks to the IoT and cloud technology, grocery retailers are discovering innovative ways to streamline their customers’ shopping experiences and increase revenue by providing relevant offers based on their unique profile.

In this video, you’ll learn how Kroger, the largest U.S. supermarket chain, is using its Scan, Bag, Go solution to help consumers navigate its retail stores in the most efficient way possible. You’ll also watch how IoT devices and Microsoft technology integrate seamlessly to enable convenient features such as self-checkout, a real-time subtotal count, and personalized advertising within the store’s digital shelves.


The Top 10 Reasons Why SMBs Should Invest in the Cloud

Cloud adoption is well underway but when it comes to making the move, Microsoft research shows that SMBs lag behind enterprise counterparts. In fact, 96% of enterprises are using the cloud, whereas only 78% of SMBs are following suit.

As you know the cloud can be a game changer for businesses–big and small! This week’s infographic demonstrates the ten most crucial benefits that SMBs report after investing in cloud solutions.

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Customer Story: SitePro

How did the software platform, SitePro, find their competitive edge? By making themselves the “one-stop shop” for oil and gas companies to combine what used to be multiple systems–each operated by a different third party–into a single, scalable, integrated system.

For their customers, this means faster setup times for new facilities and efficient monitoring of their equipment. For SitePro, it means more business. Everyone wins. And, with the vast and affordable scalability Azure provides, they are free to expand their services exactly when needed and not a moment before.

Contact us to learn more about finding your competitive advantage with Azure.

QuickHelp Introductory Video

VetaTek helps customers help employees master advanced functions in Office 365 productivity apps without slowing productivity. To learn how, check out this exclusive QuickHelp service from SherWeb and Contact us to add it to your Office 365 subscription.

Infographic: Boost Productivity and Increase revenue

55% of sales reps think their company’s sales tools are an obstacle instead of a facilitator. That’s because companies often have multiple tools to take a single customer through the sales process. This results in sales reps who are spending more time dealing with sales tools than actually interacting with customers.

See the infographic here.

At VetaTek, we believe your sales tools should enhance the sales process, not hinder it. Contact us to learn more about streamlining workflows and supporting your sales reps with Dynamics 365 for Sales.