Enjoy your summer vacation AND keep an eye on your business

You’ve built your company from the ground up, turning an idea into a full-fledged business. Even if you have staff in place to manage various aspects of the day-to-day operations, it’s imperative that you stay connected to the decisions and actions your company takes.

For many owners of small and midsize businesses, that’s long meant staying in the office—often at the expense of personal and family time. What if it could be different?

Get away without leaving your business behind. How would your work style (and vacation plans) change if you could easily manage your supply chain and inventory, approve invoices, or expedite customer orders while on the go? Your time is valuable; with productivity tools and business data at your fingertips, you and your team can work more efficiently in and out of the office.

The reality is that sometimes you can’t fully unplug, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stay chained to your desk to stay productive. Imagine being seamlessly connected to your team and your business data from any device, virtually anywhere you need to be.

Business has changed. During the past decade, mobility has become an essential tool for small and midsize businesses in empowering workers and connecting with customers. With more than a third of the total global workforce expected to be mobile by 2015 (IDC Infographic, Rise of Mobility, 2014), mobility is no longer a future concern; it’s an essential part of staying competitive today and keeping your employees happy.

With data from your accounting software and your customer relationship management solution seamlessly and securely accessible on any device, you now have a fully mobilized sales force that can answer customer questions in real time; your team can collaborate and share customer insights while traveling; and you can manage your finances and operations without having to spend your vacation at the office.

A trusted platform for mobility. Microsoft business solutions and the Microsoft Cloud can help you not just do more, but achieve more. Many small and midsize business are using Microsoft business solutions to transform not only their IT operations, but their day-to-day customer interactions.

North South Wines, a rapidly growing wine importer, deployed a cloud-based business system to manage cash flow and inventory; this gives their largely remote and traveling sales team access to the company data they need to deliver excellent customer service. Not only are they able to make real-time decisions based on sales and inventory data, they can recognize trends and deliver on them in a timely way to the delight of their customers.

Another company reinventing mobile productivity is Bounce Foods, with a Microsoft business solution that enables team members to access real-time resource projections from a device that they can share while on location with customers for an interactive, collaborative experience. Not only are their business processes streamlined, the team is more efficient and focused no matter where they are.

Something to do before you take your vacation. A business solution from Microsoft can help you stay connected and productive by bringing your office with you everywhere you go. Explore Microsoft Dynamics for small and midsize businesses and download the Cloud Productivity and Mobility e-book to learn how to extend productivity and mobility to employees on the go.

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