50% of CRM implementations fail and an even higher percentage don’t live up to expectations!

Our solution. Try a small risk free pilot program before making your decision. We keep the scope small and focused on defining a structured sales process around leads, customers, contacts and opportunity tracking. We setup and configure a free pilot environment to your specifications and guide up to 5 users through training and adoption to ensure the system meets the expected goals.

Cost. The pilot program costs $5,000. You pay $2,500 to get started. At the end of the pilot program you decide if you want to purchase CRM licenses for your users. If you purchase licenses, we will bill you the remaining $2,500 for our services. If you decide not to continue you owe nothing.

Timeline. The following is a general timeline of all the activities the pilot program includes.

Week 1 – Analyze

  • Initial requirement meeting with project stakeholders
    • Discuss needs and current challenges that a CRM system can help with
    • Identify group of up to 5 users to participate in the trial
    • Identify and define specific goals for the program
  • Individual calls to gather requirements from each of the 5 identified users
  • Deliver a pilot program plan for review
    • Includes details learned from requirements meetings and calls with users
    • Includes implementation plan and details for how the system will be setup
    • Identify and gather data sources that can be imported in to the new system

Week 2 – Configure

  • Setup pilot system
    • Configure the system according to pilot program plan
    • Setup users and security
    • Import data

Week 3 – Go Live

  • One on one setup and training for each of the 5 pilot users
  • Gather additional feedback during training
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Schedule time for a weekly check in call

Week 4 to 7 – Support

  • Weekly check-in calls with each user
  • Provide ad-hoc support to users as needed
  • Proactive monitoring of usage and outbound communication with users and stakeholders to drive adoption
  • Continue to gather, asses and apply feedback
  • Develop back log of future improvements

Week 8 – Review

  • Meeting with project stakeholders to review pilot program results